collateral nature’s debut album between liquid jazz sound and digital experiences.

After a long break Collateral Nature returns to the music scene by presenting the debut album “Morning Mars” composed of ten original tracks divided equally between instrumental and with vocal balance between liquid jazz and trip hop, sound design and ambient music that is renewed and enriched thanks to immersive contents.

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Music Producer :
Claudio Vittori


Singers : Mariagrazia Sindoni,
Sarah Stride, Enza Cannone

Drum and percussion : Andrea Varolo, Davide “woody” Riva

Keyboards : Roberto Renoldi

Electric bass : Massimo Scoca

Audio preview of each track
( duration 1.30 min )

“Nature is collateral when it undergoes a distortion, a deep forcing in its vital course and therefore destined to change.I imagined a project that could narrate the metamorphosis of environmental habitats by choosing the butterfly, a symbol of fragility and elegance, an interpreter of this distorted nature despite itself.”


Claudio Vittori


Enriched with virtual reality content, by immersive sound as well as the use of 432 hz tunings for some tracks,
 ( tune use by classic composer Verdi)

Morning Mars opens the dance to a fascinating approach to enjoying music,
placing Collateral Nature as one of the first Italian projects to interact organically with the new digital experiences.

Track : Breathe! Robot

Works on Firefox e Chrome
 adsl < 30 secondi.

Morning Mars VR 360

For the promotion of the title track “Morning Mars” we relied on an immersive experience with 3D graphic animation in virtual reality, a constantly growing media that allows you to amplify emotions by strengthening the meaning of the song’s message.

Our behavior towards the environment is now decisive,the tip of the balance between a sustainable future or the inevitable aggravationclimatic effects.
“Do you really want to see dead bees?”

The virtual reality experience will be available at the release of the album on the Oculus Media platform and via HMD and Cardboard on all traditional media platforms in 360 ° format

the independent press about “Smoky Backbone” the first e.p.


… The collateral nature collective is a candidate to be one of the surprises of recent years.


… Once again Milan confirms itself as a hotbed of innovative projects with great potential.


… A remarkable elegance for a sumptuous work, refined but affable, impeccable, elegant but never snobbish or opinionated.


… The Collateral Natures represent a reality ready to jump off the peninsula.


… If we were you we would not miss this debut that smacks of a great adventure.

Are you  ar / label manager or a publisher and are you interesting to release the album?

We are interested in partnerships that guarantee the album will be printed on vinyl and adequate communication. Only digital distribution proposals will not be considered.